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Random Movie Titles (M. Randoxx)


This will be a short info about the Twitter account movieTitlesGen.

MovieTitlesGen is a script, which randomly generates movie/film titles with a genre and a rating. The script is rather simple, but i thought it produces some funny outputs. So I gave him a Twitter account and now M. Randoxx (movieTitlesGen) works all day and night to produce at least some smiles. You can see his last posts down at the bottom, in the widget bar on the right.

For those which are more interested in the details, how this script works. It simply gets a text file as input an grabs randomly some words from a sentence, which then is the title of the movie. These titles are between 1 to 5 words long. It than grabs a genre out of an array and a rating from 0 to 10, needless to say these are also randomly taken. At last it adds a punctation, eventually.
So the source code looks something similar to this snippet.

 @genre = ("Action","Adventure","Biographical","Comedy","Documentary","Drama", "Erotic",
 "Educational","Fantasy","Film noir","Historical","Horror","Splatter","Musical",
 "Reality","Romance","Science fiction","Thriller");

 print $randomSentence.$lineEnd[$randomLineEnd]." (".$genre[$randomGenre].") ".$randomRating."/10 \n";


The output than looks like this:

  • In an endless markov chain (Film noir) 2/10
  • Schooling interfere with my education (Thriller) 1/10
  • Always worked for me! (Documentary) 8/10
  • Rejection of the ptolemaic system (Historical) 1/10
  • We learn nothing from history (Drama) 3/10
  • Reading with the radio on (Historical) 3/10

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